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As the vanguard of the water purification industry, Forbes Pro goes beyond the promise of delivering drinking water to offer customized, total water and waste water treatment solutions. Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis Plants are designed and built to deliver water suitable for diverse utilization purposes and various industrial process requirements. They cover all types of application and are preceded by a proper pre-treatment to avoid membrane fouling by sediments, hardness, organic matter, bacteria, silica, metal oxides or even chlorine. By delivering clean and pure water for a range of needs, Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis Plants are made suitable across purposes and boost productivity.


1.    Completely assembled / pre-piped / pre-wired
2.    Micro processor based control panel for ease of operation and inbuilt process logic
3.    Auto start / stop based on water level in the tank
4.    MCB for plant protection
5.    Raw water pump integrated with plant
6.    Integrated pretreatment module for removal of suspended solids along with pressure gauges
7.    Robust high pressure pump in SS 304 construction 
8.    Inbuilt protection to high pressure pump by way of low pressure switch / high pressure switch
9.    Membranes from GE / Hydranautics 
10.  Glycerin filled SS pressure gauges for durability
11.  Online rota-meter for measuring permeate flow
12.  PU coated MS skid & plated hardware
13.  Blending cartridge provision to adjust taste / TDS and followed by ultra violet disinfection for total safety
14.  Automatic backwashing of filters available as premium range

Standard Instrumentation
1. Pressure Gauges
2. Rota Meter
3. Pressure Switches
4. Level Switch
5. Conductivity Meter

1. Automatic backwashing of filters
2. Post UV system
3. Post treatment system
4. pH correction system
5. Cleaning system
6. Remote monitoring system

Raw Water Characteristics
Hardness: 200-500 ppm
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 500-2000 ppm (max)
Alkalinity: 200-300 ppm
Chlorides: 300-400 ppm
Nitrates: 20-40 ppm
Silica: 10-15 ppm

Limiting Conditions for RO Feed Water
Turbidity: < 5 NTU
Organics: Nil
Maximum Water Temperatue: < 40° C
Iron: < 0.3 ppm
Fluoride: < 1 ppm
Silt Density Index (SDI): < 5 ppm
Oil & Grease: Nil
Free Chlorine: Nil
 UNITRO - 100RO - 250RO - 500
Maximum FlowLPH100250500
Average FlowLPH100200400
Inlet TDSmg/l500- 1500 (Max)500 - 2000 (Max.)500 - 2000 (Max.)
Permeate TDSmg/l< 150< 150< 150
 UNITRO - 100RO - 250RO - 500
Particulate Filter 10 Micron, 4''x20"--
Activated Carbon Block 4''x20"--
Pressure Sand Filter (PSF) CapacityLPH-10001200
Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) CapacityLPH-10001200
Antiscalant Dosing System YesYesYes
Antiscalant Dosing Tank CapacityLiters202020
Micron Cartridge Filter (PP) 5 Micron, 20" Long5 Micron, 10" Long5 Micron, 20" Long
High Pressure Pump (HPP) 1000 LPH, 1.1 kw1000 LPH, 1.1 kw1200 LPH, 1.1 kw
RO Membrane 4"x40"4"x40"

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